Piano tuning and repair DC area

Weekend Piano Tuning and Repair in Alexandria, Va

Tuned and repaired this 120 year old Mathusheck Cabinet Grand Upright piano. This would have been a premier instrument in the late 1900's and would make an excellent candidate for a full rebuild.
This old upright piano needs to have all bridal straps replaced, as many of them are just like this one, dry rotted and broken. The piano still plays; however, it would have much better key repetition with new straps.
The hammers were worn, and many of them were flat, just like the ones in this picture. Hammers can be reshaped, which would extend the life of them and also improve the overall tone of the piano.
Vintage pianos often have amazing wood work and detail that the modern piano lack. Craftsmanship 100 years ago is hard to match.
Mathushek & Son pianos were among some of the best in the late 1800's and early 1900's. This particular piano was their Cabinet Grand model. These large uprights rival the best small grand pianos of the same era. The long string length gives the piano an amazing bass and clear treble.
Piano makers took great pride in their patents and displayed them without holding back.

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