Yamaha G3 Piano tuning – Potomac, Md

Piano tuner tuning in Potomac, Md -Yamaha G3 Grand Piano
Tuning a very nice, well aged Yamaha G3 grand in Potomac, Md
Finishing up the tuning on this piano with the high treble. This 1980's Yamaha G3 grand piano still hade a great tone to it. Sometimes they develop a harsh tone if left "unvoiced", but this has aged very well, probably due to the fact that it has not been played hard over the years.
I did discuss the corrosion on the copper bass strings and minor compression ridges on the piano's soundboard with the customer. I recommended them to consider a Piano Life Saver System to control the humidity around the piano. These systems are an investment at around $500 installed; however, this will greatly improved the tuning stability and help prevent expense repairs down the road.

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