Piano tuning and repair La Plata, Md

Piano Tuner, Tuning, and Repair in La Plata, Md
Tuned a pair of Young Chang pianos that were brought over from Korea by their owner when they moved to the States.
Also tuned this Artist Series Kimball Console in La Plata, Md. I was pleasantly surprised with this instrument. Most Kimball's don't rank high on the quality scale; however, this one made the cut in my opinion. The customer really lucked out with this one.
When I opened the Kimball to tune it, I found these two mutes in the piano, surely placed there by the previous owner because those particular unisons were drastically off pitch. Sometimes people try to tune their own pianos, resulting in semi permanent mutes or broken strings.
This particular Young Chang was painfully bright and harsh to the ears. Tuning is only one aspect of piano maintenance. Hammer maintenance and voicing should periodically be done to help maintain a musical, enjoyable tone. A harsh, brittle tone can be repaired/corrected by properly shaping the hammers and making sure their is an adequate cushion to the shoulders of the hammers.

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