Piano Tuner, Tuning and Repairs – Baltimore, MD

Piano Tuner, Tuning, and Repair - Baltimore, Md

Had a new client this morning with a Bush and Lane grand circa 1924. The piano required a lot of work, but despite its rough appearance, it ended up being a rather nice piano.
Upon arrival, the lid and kid prop were in a state of disrepair; however, after some searching, the customer had all the parts and it went back together nicely.
The piano had several keys that were not playing properly. I removed the action from the piano and removed the action stack from the keys and frame. We thoroughly cleaned our the many decades of dust and dirt. Cleaning a long took care of most of the playability problems.

Our customer left us some great feedback.  Below is their review of our services:


"Just got my Bush & Lane piano tuned by Chris, he did a wonderful job on it. Before it sounded evil, now it sounds just beautiful. He was quick and informed me of what he was doing while he was doing it (before I left to let him do his thing) Really good piano tuning experience, i'm definitely calling him back for the next tuning/repair and you should too! Thanks Chris"

C.T. Jan 15, 2017 - Baltimore, Md

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