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Piano Moving

There are moving companies and then there are piano moving companies.  Do your research before hiring a company to move your piano.  There is a lot that can go wrong when moving a piano, and hiring the right professional piano moving company can make all the difference.  At Smiths Piano Craft, we have used most of the area's top piano moving companies at one time or another.  We would be happy to share our experiences with you, which will hopefully help you in selecting the best piano moving company for your job.

We are not affiliated or paid by any piano moving company for referrals.   We recommend based on our experiences and the experiences of our customers.  Please use the form below to request information on piano moving.

Once you have your piano moved, allow it a couple weeks to acclimate to its new environment.  Once acclimated, stop back here and touch base regarding your tuning needs. 

When submitting the below form, please wait for the confirmation message to appear before navigating away from the page.  Thank you!