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For the Parent



Has your child shown an interest in music? Are you unsure if they will continue with that interest? Of course you are, children are unpredictable! Starting your child on piano is a great way to introduce them to music and does not have to be expensive. It is however an investment in your child's future, so you do want to be smart about it. I will gladly help educate you in what to look for or even help you locate and inspect a piano which you may have found. There are even piano rental options and will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of such rental agreements. From time to time we have reconditioned pianos available for sale or rental as well. If you are looking to make a large investment in a new piano, please ask me for help, i would be happy to inspect any piano you may come upon for little to no charge. A piano inspection can help reveal hidden problems that the average consumer would not be able to diagnose. Use our contact form or email us for help, We would love to help you bring music into your home.


For the School or Churchimage

Maintaining the church and school piano is a challenging task. Often times, school music departments and worship teams are working on with very limited budgets. Please contact us to discuss efficient, affordable maintenance for your school or church piano. Simple climate maintenance can work wonders for tuning stability for these pianos. Piano voicing and regulation can also greatly increase the enjoyment factor for the music educator, choir director, and worship leader, as well as for the students or congregation. If your piano isn't playing or sounding the way you want it to be, please contact me to discuss various options for improving your institution's piano.


For the Professional


Is your piano not keeping up to the speed of your playing. Have you lost control and not able to capture the dynamics and subtle nuances of a particular piece of music. Is tone of your instrument harsh or uneven. Our professional voicing and regulation services may just do the trick. Well played pianos will also develop sloppy key play, which is easily remedied by a new set of key bushings. We have many additional services that cater to the professional pianist or serious home musician. Email us to discuss any of your piano service needs.



For the Performing Arts Venuepiano-1508907_1920

Do you want your stage piano to perform at its best for your next concert? We offer top quality concert tuning and preparation to ensure your performing artist and audience have the most enjoyable experience possible. We've prepared concert instruments for many of the surrounding performing arts venues, colleges, and universities, not to mention special events, weddings, etc. Give us a call to discuss your piano concert needs. 717-817-7810 or Email

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