Piano tuning in our nation’s capitol – Washington DC

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Piano Tuning and Repair – Washington DC – David’s Tent DC David’s Tent DC. . .a 24/7 place of worship located in our nation’s capitol, Washington DC. I was called in to tune their grand piano they use during the night time hours starting at 9PM, as per the park’s guidelines on not using electric instruments past that hour. This 1930’s Conover Cable grand is being used by David’s Tent DC, a 24/7 outdoor Worship location on the National Mall in Washington DC. Needless to say, the age and condition of the piano aren’t going to get better by the outdoor elements.

Piano Tuning and Repair – Mechanicsburg, PA

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Piano Tuning and Repair – Mechanicsburg, PA I was referred to this customer by their daughter-in-law. I was told it wasn’t tuned in many years. So, I was expecting the tuning to be way out. This Fischer console piano hadn’t been tuned since 2002. Surprisingly, the pitch was only slightly off A440hz. This is a sure sign of a well made piano. This Baldwin drop action piano was way off pitch and needed a double tuning in order for it to be stable at A440Hz. Someone fell asleep at the factory that afternoon. Not the end of the world, they caught the error soon enough.

Pitch Raise and Piano Tuning – Lancaster, PA

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Piano tuning and minor repairs – Lancaster, PA A customer recently moved their childhood piano into their own home. They were quote concerned that it was “too far gone” and unable to be playable again. It turns out, the piano still has quite a bit of life left to it. It did require a pitch raise and fine tuning, but it turned out to be very stable and played relatively well for an old piano that hadn’t been serviced in decades. Personally, I loved the arched piano plate “harp” that is rarely seen today.

Piano Tuning and Repair – York, PA

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Piano Tuning and Repair – York, Pa Tuned a piano for a local private school today and noticed some fairly major cracking in all bridges of the piano. We will discuss repair options with the client. Another view of the cracked bridge cap on this Sohmer and Co. grand piano. As these cracks continue to grow, the bridge pins will slowly not produce enough side bearing pressure, resulting in tuning and tone issues with the corresponding strings.

Piano Tuning – Alexandria, Va

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Piano Tuning – Alexandria, Va A view across the tuning pin area of a nice Yamaha baby grand, model GB1k. In my opinion, definitely one of the better 5′ or shorter baby grand pianos on the market today. Muted and ready to begin the temperament octave. Tuning is complete and the piano is ready for the owner to return from work. They are always pleased to play the freshly tuned piano.

Piano Tuning and Repair – Reston, VA

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Piano Tuning – Reston, Va This Essex piano had a limited amount of space between the piano wire and the plate, making for a difficult initial muting. I brought the piano back up to standard pitch and customer was very pleased. Piano Tuning and Repair – Reston, Va This Yamaha baby grand had been in storage for over 5 years. The client called me in to raise the pitch and fine tune to standard pitch. I also repairs a damper that was badly damaged during the move (I suppose). Picture doesn’t show it too well, but the copper wound bass strings are badly tarnished, most likely as a result of its long time in storage and not properly wrapped and/or poor climate control. It sounded nice a clean when I was finished.

Named Best Piano Tuner/Technician for the Baltimore/Washington Area

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We are excited to announce that we have been named among the Best Piano Tuner-Technician’s in the Baltimore/Washington Area for 2016.  A huge thank you to all our new and returning customers for making this possible! Best of 2016 – Baltimore/Washington Area Piano Tuner/Technician

Our Latest Customer Testimonial

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Hello everyone, just wanted to share this awesome review sent to us from Jenn in Washington DC: Sep 22, 2016 Piano Tuning Verified Review “Christopher Smith is very professional and knowledgeable. He was prompt and friendly when he came to tune our piano. We highly recommend him.”  

Rust on Piano Strings in Bethesda, MD

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I recently serviced a grand piano Bethesda, MD.  Upon arrival, I saw some of the worst rust I have ever seen on piano wire/strings.  This is a result of overly humid conditions for long periods of time and/or also very poor material quality. I will be returning to service this piano, including cleaning the strings (which will only make it look better).  At this time the wire is so damaged by the built of rust and corrosion, the only permanent repair is to replace the piano wire with new.  In addition to the rust damage, the damper felt also needs to be replaced.  Over the years, the felt has taken on excess moisture and no longer dampen the piano’s strings.  As the damper felt takes on moisture, it becomes crusty and ineffective.  Again, the only long lasting repair is to replace all felt and regulate the dampers. If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to ask.  

Piano tuning in West Grove and New Freedom, Pa and Baltimore, Md

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There has been an onslaught of spinet pianos this week.  Even when new, spinet pianos weren’t that great.  They were built for size and price point, not for their superior musicality. After years of use, their short strings and worn hammers make for some of the most difficult pianos to tune.  As piano hammers wear, they loose their crown and begin to flatten, leaving too much surface in contact with their respective strings.  This results in fundamental tones plaqued by partial overtones which make it nearly impossible to tune well.  Can they be tuned, yes.  Just don’t expect clean unisons, crystal clear octaves and sparkling 4ths and 5ths, it just is not possible for most spinet pianos. Are there good spinet pianos, sure, they are out there, but few and far between.  Before purchasing a used spinet piano, consider having it inspected by a qualified piano tuner/technician.  The inspection will determine the quality of tuning and tone the piano will be capable of.