weekend piano tuning and repair available

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Piano tuner/technician in Gambrills, MD

When I finished the tuning and test playing, I hear  the husband and wife say "that sounds amazing".  I always love to hear unsolicited feedback like this.  This family will now be able to enjoy this piano once again and I feel great about the end result.

Tuned this little Aeolian spinet piano today in Gambrills, MD. The piano hadn't been tuned in 20 plus years and was over a full step flat. I did a full pitch raise and tuning and it seemed fairly stable and should hold at A440Hz
A look down the hammer line of the Aeolian spinet piano. Unlike most spinet pianos, this particular Aeolian spinet had a decent tone and had low inharmonicty.

Piano tuning and repair DC area

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Weekend Piano Tuning and Repair in Alexandria, Va

Tuned and repaired this 120 year old Mathusheck Cabinet Grand Upright piano. This would have been a premier instrument in the late 1900's and would make an excellent candidate for a full rebuild.
This old upright piano needs to have all bridal straps replaced, as many of them are just like this one, dry rotted and broken. The piano still plays; however, it would have much better key repetition with new straps.
The hammers were worn, and many of them were flat, just like the ones in this picture. Hammers can be reshaped, which would extend the life of them and also improve the overall tone of the piano.
Vintage pianos often have amazing wood work and detail that the modern piano lack. Craftsmanship 100 years ago is hard to match.
Mathushek & Son pianos were among some of the best in the late 1800's and early 1900's. This particular piano was their Cabinet Grand model. These large uprights rival the best small grand pianos of the same era. The long string length gives the piano an amazing bass and clear treble.
Piano makers took great pride in their patents and displayed them without holding back.

Piano tuning and repair new freedom pa

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                                          Piano tuning and repair New Freedom, Pa

Had a good helper today to fetch the appropriate tool for the job. She was a lab/german shepherd mix
If your piano has a clickity klack sound coming from it, it could be loose hammer shank screws. We tightened all 88 on this Kimball console piano which had a very noisy action. Now it is nice and quiet when being played.
Not sure if these messy coils are from the factory or from a previous technician who was in a rush.

Piano tuning and repair Berwyn Heights, MD

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Piano Tuning and Repair - Berwyn Heights, MD

Feb 3, 2017 - We were on the road today tuning in Maryland and Virginia.  Our first stop was in Berwyn Heights, MD to service an old Bell and Company upright player piano.  The piano had its old player mechanism removed, as many are, when they stop working.  The piano had likely not been tuned in about 20/30 years, so it required a major pitch raise and will need another one in order to reach standard pitch of A440Hz.  Mechanically it wasn't in terrible shape; however, I did speak to the owner about some future adjustments it will need.    This piano will be used by their 11 year old daughter as she will be starting piano lessons in the near future.

The manufacturer would have installed this notice to future piano tuners in order to save the time when preparing to tune upright player piano, which had a large amount of mechanics in front of the piano strings and tuning pins.
Bell and Co. had manufactured their pianos in Canada, England, and the United states. This particular one was manufactured in New York, NY
This particular photos shows the "hooks" that would have been triggered by the player mechanism, thus playing that particular note.

Piano tuner tuning and Repair Review Gaithersburg, MD

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Piano tuner tuning repair review Gaithersburg, MD

Set up and tuning the temperament octave

More great feedback from a new client.

"Highly recommended, Chris was entirely professional and our very old, neglected piano now sounds amazing. We're very happy with his service and would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a great piano tuner."

AM J - Gaithersburg, MD - Feb 2, 2017

Piano Tuner, Tuning and Repairs – Baltimore, MD

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Piano Tuner, Tuning, and Repair - Baltimore, Md

Had a new client this morning with a Bush and Lane grand circa 1924. The piano required a lot of work, but despite its rough appearance, it ended up being a rather nice piano.
Upon arrival, the lid and kid prop were in a state of disrepair; however, after some searching, the customer had all the parts and it went back together nicely.
The piano had several keys that were not playing properly. I removed the action from the piano and removed the action stack from the keys and frame. We thoroughly cleaned our the many decades of dust and dirt. Cleaning a long took care of most of the playability problems.

Our customer left us some great feedback.  Below is their review of our services:


"Just got my Bush & Lane piano tuned by Chris, he did a wonderful job on it. Before it sounded evil, now it sounds just beautiful. He was quick and informed me of what he was doing while he was doing it (before I left to let him do his thing) Really good piano tuning experience, i'm definitely calling him back for the next tuning/repair and you should too! Thanks Chris"

C.T. Jan 15, 2017 - Baltimore, Md

Piano tuning and repair La Plata, Md

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Piano Tuner, Tuning, and Repair in La Plata, Md
Tuned a pair of Young Chang pianos that were brought over from Korea by their owner when they moved to the States.
Also tuned this Artist Series Kimball Console in La Plata, Md. I was pleasantly surprised with this instrument. Most Kimball's don't rank high on the quality scale; however, this one made the cut in my opinion. The customer really lucked out with this one.
When I opened the Kimball to tune it, I found these two mutes in the piano, surely placed there by the previous owner because those particular unisons were drastically off pitch. Sometimes people try to tune their own pianos, resulting in semi permanent mutes or broken strings.
This particular Young Chang was painfully bright and harsh to the ears. Tuning is only one aspect of piano maintenance. Hammer maintenance and voicing should periodically be done to help maintain a musical, enjoyable tone. A harsh, brittle tone can be repaired/corrected by properly shaping the hammers and making sure their is an adequate cushion to the shoulders of the hammers.

Grand Piano Tuning and Adjustments in Alexandria, Va

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Chickering Grand Piano Tuning and Repairs - Alexandria, Va
An American Classic! This Chickering grand piano manufactured in 1969 has been maintained wonderfully and is now in its new home with new owners.
They just don't use the details as they once did in piano manufacturing.
A truly classic soundboard emblem.
Completely some minor action work on this Chickering grand piano. It now plays as good as new.
Set-up and tuning in progress. Working my way down the tenor section into the bass. This piano has an amazing low-end to it. Everything a grand piano should be.
Just a bit of corrosion on a few bass strings from humid conditions at some point in the piano's past. No affect on the tone of this particular note.
If  have any questions about this post or anything else on our website, please don't hesitate to ask.  Simply use our Contact Form page, email, or call us anytime to discuss



Yamaha G3 Piano tuning – Potomac, Md

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Piano tuner tuning in Potomac, Md -Yamaha G3 Grand Piano
Tuning a very nice, well aged Yamaha G3 grand in Potomac, Md
Finishing up the tuning on this piano with the high treble. This 1980's Yamaha G3 grand piano still hade a great tone to it. Sometimes they develop a harsh tone if left "unvoiced", but this has aged very well, probably due to the fact that it has not been played hard over the years.
I did discuss the corrosion on the copper bass strings and minor compression ridges on the piano's soundboard with the customer. I recommended them to consider a Piano Life Saver System to control the humidity around the piano. These systems are an investment at around $500 installed; however, this will greatly improved the tuning stability and help prevent expense repairs down the road.