Services We Offer

At Smith's Piano Craft, we offer award winning service for the performance and home piano.  We bring over 12 Years of service in the field to ensure your piano is tuned and repaired the right way, the first time.

We are friendly and our services are affordable and reliable, done the right way, the first time.   Need a piano tuned or repaired? We have you covered! We offer our services to the communities of south central Pennsylvania, including York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hanover, Gettysburg, West Chester, Chester County, the Greater Baltimore Area, Washington DC and parts of Virginia.

We strive to be as competitive as possible with pricing without sacrificing quality and reputation. Based on feedback from customer just like you, we offer our services to a very large area to ensure everyone has access to a quality piano tuner/technician. 

To be more specific, following are the areas we service, by county:

Pennsylvania Piano Tuning and Repair by County:  Adams, Berks, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York County

Maryland Piano Tuning and Repair by County: Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George's County

Washington DC Piano Tuning and Repair - all areas

Virginia Piano Tuning and Repair:  entire DMV area - Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Fairfax, Reston, Herndon, Great Falls, etc

Call or text anytime to discuss your piano service needs, 717-817-7810



The cost to tune a fairly well maintained piano is $120-$150, depending on your location and how far off pitch it is.  If the piano hasn't been tuned in several years, chances are it will need a double tuning/pitch correction, this fee ranges from $165-$225. We offer complimentary minor adjustments and repairs while you have us tune your piano.

We also offer historic piano tuning.  If you have a desired tuning, please contact us to discuss.


Hammer Shaping

As a piano key is played, its hammer strikes the piano strings.  That interaction between hammer and strings slowly develops grooves in the felt of each hammer in the piano.  Over time, these grooves grow deeper and deeper, hardening the felt of the hammer within those grooves.  Ultimately, the hammer then begins to flatten at the strike point, resulting in poor tone, usually characterized as harsh, metallic, or twangy.  Your piano slowly becomes less enjoyable to play and looses its musical tone.  Besides tuning, periodic hammer shaping is an excellent way to preserve the musicality of your piano and keep it in an enjoyable playing condition.  If your piano isn't satisfying to play because of its harsh tone, please ask us about our hammer shaping service.


All Types of Repair

Many minor repairs are completed at no extra cost while tuning the piano. If the repairs are more complex, the repair rate is $85 per hour, invoiced in 15 minute increments.  We also have a full piano rebuilding shop were we handle more complex repairs which cannot be completed in the home.  We have a discounted hourly repair rate for more complex repairs, so don't be frightened by our standard hourly rate when considering a more involved repair, such as restringing, new hammers, regulation, bridge repair, soundboard repair, etc.  We strive to work with YOUR budget!  We tune and repair all makes and types of pianos, including spinets, consoles, old uprights, overdamper pianos, baby grands, and full concert grand pianos.

Key Top Repair or Replacing

If your piano is old enough, it may have key surfaces made from ivory, which of course is no longer available new.  Ivory becomes discolored and may sometimes develop chips and cracking.  We can reuse salvaged ivory to repair or replace your aging key tops.  We can also replace old synthetic material key tops with modern, more durable synthetic material that has the look and feel of real ivory.  New Key tops can revitalize the appearance of an aging piano, improve the touch of the piano,  and its not expensive.  Full key top replacement packages start under $350.

String/Wire Replacement

We can replace piano wire of any size, in any type of piano.  When a piano has gone years and even decades without service, piano wire usually develops spots of rust and corrosion.  These defects cause weak spots in the wire and present the risk of breakage if the tension is changes too quickly.  As your tuner, I take every measure possible to prevent string breakage; however, it happens from time to time.  I stock universal bass strings and all sizes of plain wire to ensure I have what I need to repair it while there the first time; however, a better option is to have the string duplicated by a string manufacturer.  Replacement plain wire is anywhere from $15-$50 depending on the length and type of piano.  Bass string replacement starts around $30 and can go up to $75 per string, depending on the length.  We also offer full restringing and new pin replacement on all types of pianos.  Not all pianos are worth the expense of restringing, so don't hesitate to ask us whether or not restringing would be a wise investment for your piano.


We offer all levels of piano voicing and even new hammer replacement.   Is your piano very harsh to the ear?  Or maybe your piano is dull and lack-luster.  Are you not playing your piano because you cringe when you sit down to play.  Tuning will help, but proper Voicing will take your piano to the next level of enjoyment.  Minor voicing is completed at no additional charge while tuning your piano.  More complex voicing not only involves working more extensively with the hammers, but also ensures that the strings seat properly at the bridge and hitch pins, that they are level so the hammer strikes them evenly, and making sure the hammers actually make contact with the strings at the proper strike point, etc.   Voicing can range from $65 and up to a full days worth of service, in addition to the cost of a tuning.


Regulation is the process of adjusting the thousands of moving parts in the piano's action to compensate for wear and tear from regular use.  A properly regulated piano will be more responsive for the player and allow the beginner to advanced piano player the ability to play more accurately.  Minor regulation can be competed in under an hour and full action regulation can take several days.  Cost can be anywhere from $32.50 up to $500+

Key Rebushing

Replacing your piano’s key bushings will give the play of the keys a new, snug feel. It will eliminate sloppy, side to side, play in your piano.  Key Rebushing services start at $250.

Soundboard Repairs or Replacement

Many piano soundboards crack with age.  The constant swelling and contracting of the wood resulted in cracking, sometimes needing extensive repair or replacement, if the piano is worth it.  We offer simple soundboard shimming repairs and full duplication, using only the highest quality spruce available to the piano industry.

Pin Block Repair, Treatment, Replacement

Many pianos, and especially those not cared for, will slowly begin to loose its ability to stay "up to pitch".  Sometime the wood of the pin-block begins to crack and sometimes the tuning pin holes become elongated, both scenarios resulting in less friction and torque in the tuning pins.  Simple and mostly effective repairs include the use of a high quality CA Glue or Pin-block Treatment solution, which basically swell the wooden fibers, adding the necessary friction back into the piano in order for the piano to hold pitch.  Some scenarios require installation of a larger tuning pin when possible, others options, if just a few pins, include driving the existing pin deeper into the pin-block in order to restore some friction to the pin.  Again, each piano and scenario will determine which method is best.  And of course a qualified technician will be able to determine which type of repair is best suited for your piano.  When a piano is being partially restored or fully rebuild, a new pin-block will be made and duplicated from the original.  Pin-block repairs vary greatly in price and will be quoted upon inspection of the piano.

If a piano tuner/technician suggests or just starts hammering in all of your pins, please stop them and look for a second opinion.  I have seen many pianos in which an unqualified tuner hastily began hammering in pins of a grand piano without properly supporting the pin-block, resulting in catastrophic damage, repairable only by fully replacing the pin-block.


Our piano cleaning service includes a disassembling your piano, a thorough cleaning of the interior, action, under the keys, and soundboard (area under the strings). This mainly applies to grand pianos where years of dust collect under the strings.  Cleaning and detail work usually runs in the $50-$150 range, depending on what is all involved.


We also offer full piano rebuilding. There are several piano makers, whose vintage instruments, make wonderful candidates for full rebuilds. Steinway and Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, Knabe, and many finely crafted european made pianos.  Quotes can be supplied upon evaluation of the piano.


Your piano’s finish can be restored to give a fresh, revived look. It can also be completely refinished, which involves stripping off the old finish, making repairs, and finishing to the desired color and sheen.  We also do minor touch-ups, including missing veneer, scratch, and general defect repairs.  Quotes can be supplied upon evaluation of the piano.

. . .And many more services, all types of pianos, any type of repair.  We have you covered!