Piano tuning and repair Berwyn Heights, MD

Piano Tuning and Repair - Berwyn Heights, MD

Feb 3, 2017 - We were on the road today tuning in Maryland and Virginia.  Our first stop was in Berwyn Heights, MD to service an old Bell and Company upright player piano.  The piano had its old player mechanism removed, as many are, when they stop working.  The piano had likely not been tuned in about 20/30 years, so it required a major pitch raise and will need another one in order to reach standard pitch of A440Hz.  Mechanically it wasn't in terrible shape; however, I did speak to the owner about some future adjustments it will need.    This piano will be used by their 11 year old daughter as she will be starting piano lessons in the near future.

The manufacturer would have installed this notice to future piano tuners in order to save the time when preparing to tune upright player piano, which had a large amount of mechanics in front of the piano strings and tuning pins.
Bell and Co. had manufactured their pianos in Canada, England, and the United states. This particular one was manufactured in New York, NY
This particular photos shows the "hooks" that would have been triggered by the player mechanism, thus playing that particular note.

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